My Story

             Claire Menear,

             Mind Harbour Founder


I founded Mind Harbour because I know first hand how practical insight and great coping strategies can transform a persons ability to handle mental stressors and maintain their well-being. Whether these tools are used to deal with stress, anxiety or to improve living with a mental health condition we all stand to gain from taking time to reflect on how we are looking after our minds.

My own mental health journey has made me something of an expert by experience. Living with a long term diagnosis of bi-polar I have been exposed to a range of approaches in managing mental health. The mindful, self-management techniques which I now teach through Mind Harbour have allowed me to recover from living daily with stress and anxiety and improve my quality of life. 

1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health condition at some point in our lives, but further to that we will all at some point experience loss, sadness, stress and anxiety. Mind Harbour is here to champion good mental health for us all.


My Experience

My background in mental health support developed through work on acute mental health wards care planning and delivering therapeutic activities for patients. I currently work with vulnerable young people through a homelessness outreach charity in Norwich.

The professional experience I gained in this area inspired me to set up a mental health social support group in 2013, originally called 'Mind Haven'. This community support group quickly became popular with 30+ weekly attendees. I have facilitated over 100 workshops since delivering practical techniques and coaching to improve and manage mental health.

In 2007, 2008 and 2012 I was honored worked overseas with communities in South Africa, Indonesia and Kenya respectively. These roles involved welfare planning and teaching as well as running workshops in the community centered around health and social mobility.



Health and Social Care Diploma (Distinction)

College of West Anglia

Mindfulness Life Coaching Certificate

Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency


Other Professional Training

Risk Assessment


Nurtured Heart Framework

Information Governance and GDPR

Challenging Harmful Behaviour

Signs of Safety

Norfolk Steps